Saturday, February 2, 2008

Photography class

On the first night of the digital photography class I'm taking, we went through the gallery and took photos....just getting use to our cameras (flash off of course) I was just clearing off my card and thought before I delete these...I'll share what I was looking at. I think its interesting to see what others find interesting. This first picture of the Fox and the Crane is picturing an old fable. I love this and use this picture often in art class. Such detail

I was so intent on taking images that I didn't bother to take note of the artist here. Lovely. You really feel part of this. Again, I'm constantly amazed at how well
the artisians were back then considering the limitations of their resources.

I have a particular interest in feet and hands. Don't know why exactly. In college I had a professor tell me that I needed to work on hands and feet so maybe it stems from that. So, I have a number of pictures of paintings that I only focused on these parts. Myself, I've done a few paintings of just hands and feet...just admire how others do them (better then me anyday!)

Its just after 7:00 this morning and I thought I'd share......I'm going to workout, do a little housekeeping and then off to the studio. Enjoy your day...don't work too hard...have lots of fun.
:) Linda

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