Saturday, February 27, 2010

3 Beautiful Things

1. Going to sleep with relatively very little snow on the ground and then awaking to find almost a foot of white untouched snow. I'm not typically a winter lover but it does make for some beautiful scenary. Bonus: Snow Day from school!

2. Shopping at Target yesterday and the Spring items were out in bloom throughout the store. On a wintery snow storm day it was simply beautiful to see signs of Spring.....bright colors, flowers, patio furniture...bathing suits. I love the month of March since it is the arrival of Spring!!

3. Sight. Most of us our so lucky to have our sense of sight. I work with a blind student and often have to stretch myself to describe things that are typically visual. The beautiful colors, the contrast of snow and sky, patterns, faces, emotions....etc......Its wonderful seeing all that our eyes can take in.


Beadwright said...

Some of us forget to be thankful for all we have. No matter how we feel there is always some one who is not as fortunate.


Linda said...

Absolutely. We all have many things to be thankful for. Just awaking to a new day is a beautiful thing.