Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Monthly Challenge~February

I like the idea of having a challenge of some sort. At times, the creative muse needs a nudge to get inspired. I really like Art Bead Scenes monthly challenge and I have tried my hand at posting challenges (I think I did it twice) but I always burn out....BUT, a monthly challenge sounds better than a weekly one as I had pathetically attempted.

So here it is, I am starting my own Monthly Challenge for myself and anyone else who would like to participate.

Here is How to Enter:

1. Create a bead or piece of jewelry that is based on the image/theme of the month. If entering a peice of jewelry, please don't just string beads but push yourself to explore new materials, techniques and ideas. Beads can be made from any material such as paper, clay, lampwork or seedbeads. Or anything else I may have excluded.....Its all about the beads!

2. Post your creation on our flickr group.

The purpose of this challenge is to find inspiration and to then inspire others by what you have made.


mandapanda said...

Um, what's the challenge? lol You didn't really say?! :D I love the idea of challenges. A friend of mine does them on her blog too, this month is about using up binding scraps!

Linda said...

Oh, the challenge is to create a piece of jewelry based on this painting. How might you interpret might you use Klimt's use of color, etc...
Hope this helps...sorry if it was not clear :)

Jenny J-V said...

That Klimt piece is soooo pretty!!! I may have to get myself challenged!